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question Crowdfunding
What countries and what sites allow crowd investing now??
I am aware the SEC is setting up the rules for USA

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  • Anton Root Anton Root Sep 22, 2012 12:12 am GMT

    As far as I know, no country expressly allows equity crowdfunding, yet. However, platforms across the world have been able to navigate their countries' financial and securities regulations to set up equity crowdfunding.

    In the UK, Crowdcube and Seedrs come to mind. In Northern Europe, FundedByMe recently launched equity crowdfunding, and other sites like Invesdor and GrowVC are making Scandinavia a good destination for equity crowdfunding. It's possible even here in the US - IPO Village and Bolstr provide two different ways to crowdfund. IPO Village crowdfunds IPOs, as may be obvious, and Bolstr operates under a revenue sharing model and makes it easy for entrepreneurs to comply with states' "blue sky" (securities) laws.

    I recently spoke with a securities lawyer in London about equity crowdfunding in the EU and UK, in particular. That may be of interest to you - I'll post it here, too, when it goes up. For more information, check out our directory of sites' 'Crowdfunding' section.

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