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Crowdsourcing Film Series Events

question Crowd Creativity, Crowdfunding
Does anyone know where I can find a program to help us crowdsource some film series? We are a nonprofit that operates two independent movie theaters and we often come up against this problem: People say "You should do a Hitchcock (add other director, genre here..)! I would so come!" We book the films, we create the marketing, we pay for both and then we wind up with low attendance due to factors we can't control (sun, other conflicting events..). We would love to figure out a way to create a film series and crowdsource it so we wouldn't loose our shirts financially. For instance, people would sign up and purchase their series pass and if we get enough people to do the same we go ahead and bring the series. If not, we see there is not enough interest and we don't. There has to be something like this out there.

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