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Global Payment Processor for Equity Based Crowdfunding Website

question Crowdfunding
I'm planning to create a website which is hosts equity based donations. I couldn't find a global payment processor that support equity based donations until now.

Paypal is only join standart way donation sites. Is there any option for this kind of payment company/organization ?

Thank you.

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  • Benjamin Larralde Benjamin Larralde Jan 23, 2013 10:59 pm GMT

    Hi Orcun,

    Global payments have traditionally been a pain, especially for complex models like crowdfunding. There might be credit card processors like that are pretty much global, but they definitely require more implementation work than PayPal. One solution to have an extensive cover and still fit a "all or nothing" model is to implement Stripe or WePay for the US and Canada as well as PayMill for Europe. They allow you to store credit card details and charge them whenever you want, and don't have the same restrictions as PayPal. Finally, if you're going to handle large transactions (>$1000) you might want to find other ways like bank transfers.

  • Michel Ivanovsky Michel Ivanovsky Jan 26, 2013 12:25 pm GMT

    Hi Orcun,

    You can have a short view on

    For the moment, this solution offer what you in Europe (Euro zone) but plans to extend their offer in us and canada in few monthes.

    Best regards,


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