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How to set up a crowd-funding platform?

question Cloud Labor, Crowdfunding, Tools
Does a crowd-funding platform have to be registered?
With which supervisory authority?
If so, as what kind of legal form?
Who actually owns a crowd-funding platform?
As a crowd-funding platform provider does one have to submit audited financial statements?
Are these publicly accessible?
How much does it cost to create a crowd-funding platform?
Licence fees? (range)
Hosting fees? (range)
Do these vary much by country?
What about running costs?
How many staff does it take to run a crowd-funding platform?
What qualification must they have?
What are the IT equipment capacities that a CF platform provider needs?
Someone who posts a funding request (a “project”), needs to submit to the platform provider what kind of document for authentication?
Who does the due diligence?
Are there any up-front payments that need to be made before the first posting?
a. For individuals?
b. For institutions?
Generally speaking, what is the fee structure?
The fee is a function of what (the number of postings?)
Is it possible to negotiate with a CF platform provider an annual lump sum regardless of the number of postings?
Do fees vary with the success or failure of a CF project?
Does the platform provider provide the template for postings (text, pictures, videos, graphs etc)?
Are platform providers entitled to edit postings?
Do platform providers inform fund seekers of the status of the fund raising campaign?
If the campaign is successful to whom, when and and how is the money transferred?

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