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Master Thesis Crowdsourcing and Disaster Preparedness

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Hello everyone!

I am in the final process of preparing for my master's thesis on crowdsourcing and disaster preparedness. I am choosing disaster preparedness, as opposed to disaster response, as my focus since I think that initiatives are being done on both aspects of disaster management but a lot of attention is being put on the latter, which makes us miss out on the opportunities there are for the former.

I'd just like to ask you if you would know of any crowdsourcing initiatives on disaster preparedness? I have already identified some but would like to get some more to have a more accurate picture of what's going on. Thank you!


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  • Charles Betterton Charles Betterton Mar 30, 2012 11:25 pm GMT

    Greetings Robert, That sounds like a very practical and worthwhile thesis. While I don't have an answer to your question, I am inspired to share this offer to be of any possible assistance. I served as a director of disaster relief offices throughout the US for about 6 years and another 20+ years as a community economic development specialist. Best wishes on your project. Charles Betterton

    PS. Actually, I just realized that my present work on "Helping Expand the Circle of Success" to generate greater individual and collective capacity for solving the social, economic and environmental challenges we face is also disaster preparedness and relief. . .

  • Robert Narvaez Robert Narvaez Apr 02, 2012 09:20 pm GMT

    Hi Charles. Thanks a lot for the kind words. I will definitely keep you in mind if I need any assistance. Getting some ideas from experienced people like you would definitely help! Best wishes with your present work too.


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