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Suggestions on best model.

question Crowdfunding, Distributed Knowledge, Open Innovation
I have a very real physical technology in way of a hand operated textile print machine and table system. It's very unique and quite powerful in what it could do for 3rd world communities. I want to consolidate IP and have plans to the machine done up in a 3D rendering program, build a written and video manual on building this machine (10k in the west 2- 4k in the third world) and a written and video manual on operation. This is what I call a catalyst mechanism - it is a simple machine but will cause a ripple effect in terms of opening up employment, skills and then lead to 2nd tier production like pattern making, cutting and possible export back into western markets of traditionally inspired locally produced product.
I have a print studio on the Tiwi Islands (off Darwin) and another group in Pakistan very interested in the idea and are willing to support stages of actual install.
I personally hold alot of IP around this subject of textile printing and would like to work on 2 -3 different stages of this proposal around self funding and education but the initial project I am thinking is the design and IP consolidation and manuals and literally put it available on the internet as opensource to community and third world organisations.
This initial stage would be approx $25k AUS

The Gist is - We can provide a very real way of resurrecting and producing extremely valuable contemporary & traditional designs onto fabric which will employ large amounts of local people and spur further opportunities in disadvantaged countries and communities.

We are essentially building a world community asset.

I am looking for suggestions from the community on who has the best platform for something like this.

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  • Guest Kat Popiel Mar 23, 2012 02:38 pm GMT

    Super cool idea! is a global platform that has launched campaigns from 200 countries around the world (in fact we were on a tour to Sydney, Australia just the other week!). We're open and accept projects that are Creative, Cause & Entrepreneurial, using the gogofactor (an algorithm on our site) to determine who we promote through our blog, newsletter, social media and PR. We have two types of funding - Fixed Funding (all-or-nothing) and Flexible Funding (keep what you raise). Please feel free to email me directly if you have more questions - we'd love to see a project like yours on Indiegogo!

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