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Types of crowdfunding

question Crowdfunding
Browsing in the Internet I have found different websites that point a different number of crowdfunding types.

All website use 3 types in common:

1. Equity Based Crowdfunding: Investors receive a stake in the company.
2. Lending Based Crowdfunding: Investors are repaid for their investment over a period of time.
3. Reward Based Crowfunding: Investors receive a tangible item or service in return for their funds.

But there are other websites that uses another type:
* Donation Based Crowdfunding: Contributions go towards a charitable cause and there is no reward for the funders.

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  • Enrique Estellés Enrique Estellés Dec 19, 2012 01:24 pm GMT

    I forgot the question!!!

    The question is, how many crowdfunding types exist? Is this no-reward crowdfunding really crowdfunding?

  • Anton Root Anton Root Dec 19, 2012 07:13 pm GMT

    Yes, that's a great point Enrique! It's gotten a bit more visibility recently with campaigns like Karen Klein's vacation, Hurricane Sandy recovery, and other charitable campaigns, but it's good to point out that reward- and donation-based crowdfunding isn't the same.

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