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What would you look for in a white label #crowdfunding solution?

question Crowdfunding, Distributed Knowledge, Tools
We are launching Saguaro, our own crowdfunding site platform ( in the very near future. We are marrying our crowdfunding expertise (since 2008!) with the great work that 10 developers have done on the Catarse project over the last year and a half, and adding some special sauce of our own.

I want to solicit feature ideas. As a potential crowdfunding site owner, what features are important to you? What unique twist might you want to see on that theme?

You can see the technology that powers Saguaro at and -- we’ll have our own demo site up shortly.

Thanks for your attention.
Mike Pence @mikepence

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  • DL Thomas DL Thomas Apr 21, 2012 12:52 pm GMT

    I'd like see Squared as a transaction gateway option. It would also be great if Pinterest was built into the social options with some Automagic image grab + text summary bundling. Having a way to connect boosters in a micro social cell could have some very positive impact

  • Mike Pence Mike Pence Apr 22, 2012 04:01 pm GMT

    Thanks, DL, those are great suggestions. I have put them in our Basecamp for future consideration. We are definitely building in swappable transaction gateways, and we are big fans of Pinterest, so I expect to see both of those things implemented soon. Thanks again!

  • Mike Pence Mike Pence Apr 25, 2012 12:58 am GMT

    We launched our demo site tonight. Still a little rough around the edges, I am sure, but demonstrates our platform's capabilities. Contact me if you are interested in a walk-through, and find out more at Thanks to all of the people who have messaged me privately and shared their valuable insights.

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  • Guest Dominic Hackett Aug 08, 2012 03:17 am GMT

    I would not go with this as a solution I have been waiting for over a month for a refund from mike after he failed to deliver on his promises. I tried calling him several times and he refuses to answer.

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