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Where can I go to find 500 people to spend 5 mins on a website

question Cloud Labor
We operate a site called, its a social betting platform and we would like to test an approach where users will see a sports website with links to our betting site... we want to see if users click on this and what happens by reviewing the analytics... after they test it, it would be great if they can participate in a small survey.

Does anyone know where we can go for this? Tried Amazon Mturk but its only available for US companies.

We also are looking for something like this on an ongoing basis to play on our site and give us functional feedback (we use utest for that, but would like to get larger teams).

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  • Seth W Seth W Dec 20, 2012 04:56 pm GMT

    Give Ziptask a try, they've got a pretty huge pool of workers and they can operate worldwide.

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  • Carl Esposti Carl Esposti Dec 22, 2012 05:35 pm GMT

    Try for testing projects that require from 10-500 qualified testers. If you have a requirement for non-professional testers (general users) for small quick jobs you could look at

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