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Research, distributed on, is produced by massolution™, a unique research and advisory firm specializing in the crowdsourcing and crowdfunding industries. As an industry analyst, massolution tracks both the supply and demand side of each segment.

  • For crowdsourcing, massolution provides research and analysis covering Crowdsourcing Service Providers (CSPs), use cases and the adoption of crowdsourcing by enterprises.
  • For crowdfunding, massolution provides research and analysis covering Crowdfunding Platforms (CFPs), fundraisers or entrepreneurs, and funders or investors.

massolution's unique data assets, fact-based research and proprietary intellectual property, drive forward-looking and actionable insights that inform the strategies and operations of business leaders and market stakeholders.

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Market-focused research includes broad industry analysis:

  • Market size and growth
  • Revenues by sector/category
  • Market demographics, trends and composition
  • Assessment of CSPs' capabilities and functionality of their platforms
  • Enterprise adoption and insights

Industry-focused research includes reports focused on the adoption of crowdsourcing in particular industry verticals (e.g., Retail Banking) or enterprise horizontals (e.g., Finance and Accounting).

Category-focused research includes reports focused on a particular crowdsourcing use case category:

  • Ideation tasks
  • Expertise-based tasks
  • Micro-tasks
  • Freelance services
  • Software services

A typical industry-focused or category-focused research report consists of 20-50 pages of fact-based analyses, based on massolution's proprietary CsFactor™ methodology. CsFactor has been designed to support the analysis of opportunities in specific vertical and horizontal processes within an enterprise to define and quantify tasks/activities that can be crowdsourced.


Market-focused research includes crowdfunding industry analysis:

  • Market size and growth
  • Revenues by sector/category
  • Market demographics, trends and composition
  • Assessment of functionality and operating practices of Crowdsourcing Platforms
  • Funder/investor and fundraiser/entrepreneur insights

CFP focused research includes analysis of CFP categories and individual CFPs

Entrepreneur/Venture-focused research includes assessment of individual entrepreneurs and their funding projects.


Available Research Reports or contact us
Global Crowdfunding Market to Reach $34.4B in 2015, Predicts Massolution’s 2015CF Industry Report
Market trends and StatisticsMassolution’s annual crowdfunding industry reports have become recognized as the gold standard for annual reporting on the size, composition and outlook for the worldwide crowdfunding industry. Comprehensive, reality-based assessment of the crowdfunding industry, based on data gathered for 1,250 funding platforms worldwide and analysis from massolution's industry-leading brain trust. Like the widely-cited 2013CF report, it digs deep and does the math to show crowdfunding volume worldwide for 2013 and 2014 and provides massolution’s forecast for crowdfunding in 2015. Analysis is provided by model, region and crowdfunding category. See year-over-year changes and growth rates from 2012 through 2014, learn about average campaign size by model and see which crowdfunding categories perform the best. It looks at the concentration of funding worldwide and by major markets – how much funding volume is concentrated towards the top 5 and top 10 CFPs in the top regions? It analyzes and reports on the number and distribution of CFPs by region and model. Are the older CFPs dominating or are there newer CFPs capturing market share? Further, for those seeking to simply understand crowdfunding, the report is filled with information to explain and define crowdfunding’s model taxonomy. Learn who is crowdfunding what, where, how, and when -- and what will happen next! In addition to providing a practical, quantitative understanding of crowdfunding today and a high level synthesis of how its recent innovations will play out in the future, this report includes insights and forecasts on the outlook for crowdfunding and trends that can only come out of detailed research.

i. Global Crowdfunding: Adoption, Evolution and Growth

Key Findings
i. Worldwide Funding Volumes
ii. Average Funded Campaign Size
iii. Observations and Trends
iv. Predictions

About this Research
i. The 2015CF Crowdfunding Industry Report
ii. The Research Team
iii. About Massolution

Crowdfunding Defined
i. Definitions
ii. Overview and Taxonomy
iii. Crowdfunding Models

Crowdfunding Market Growth and Composition

i. Market Analysis

Crowdfunding World Map: Funding Volume
i. Total Funds Raised

Growth by Crowdfunding Model
i. Funding Volume Distribution by Model

Growth by Crowdfunding Region
i. Funding Volume Distribution by Region

Campaign Statistics
i. Average Campaign Size
ii. Funding Probability
iii. Pledged vs. Paid Out Ratio

Most Active Categories
i. Top Performers

Funding Concentration
i. Global market share of leading CFPs
ii. Regional Market Share of Top 5 and Top 10 CFPs
iii. Leaderboards: By Region, By Model

Crowdfunding Platform Distribution
i. Growth in number of CFPs worldwide
ii. CFP World Map
iii. CFP Distribution by Model

Crowdfunding Market Predictions 2015

i. Predictions: Regions
ii. Predictions: Crowdfunding Models

Observations and Trends

i. An Evolving Landscape

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MassolutionApr 07, 2015 05:03 am GMT2015CF
$495Research Report
RELEASED: Massolution's 2015CF-RE Crowdfunding for Real Estate
Market trends and Statistics2015CF Crowdfunding for Real Estate Report, which provides the first ever detailed look at the intersection of real estate and crowdfunding. The 150+ page report features data on the exponential growth of real estate crowdfunding, the emergence of specialized real estate crowdfunding platforms, and how this revolutionary new method of real estate finance and investment is disrupting this asset class. The top findings of the report include: • Real estate crowdfunding grew 156% in 2014, just breaking the $1 billion mark, with campaigns ranging in size from less than $100,000 to over $25 million. • In 2014, North America stood as the largest region by funding volume at 56% market share, compared with Europe at 42%. • By 2015 Massolution forecasts that North America will retain its lead reaching $1.4 billion in funding volume, but Europe will have just broken the $1 billion threshold. • Overall, real estate crowdfunding is expected to increase 2.5 times, equaling $2.57 billion in 2015, making it the fastest growing industry segment of crowd capitalism. • This year, U.S. commercial and industrial property crowdfunding expects to see a 250% increase. • Growing investor interest in crowdfunding platforms is proving to be a legitimate source of funds as compared to traditional banking.
Researched and written by experts in real estate, banking and finance and crowdfunding, the report contains 158 pages of insight, observations, data and predictions covering the current state of real estate crowdfunding, the size and composition of the market for 2013 and 2014, leading CFPs and their distribution, forecasts for 2015, and much more!

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Massolution ResearchMar 25, 2015 08:00 pm GMT
$495Research Report
Crowdfunding in Mexico: The Power of Digital Technologies to Transform Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Economic Inclusion [Report]
Crowdfunding PlatformsThis report, commissioned by the Multilateral Investment Fund of the Inter-American Development Bank, explores the crowdfunding landscape in Mexico. It focuses on everything from the country's economy and internet infrastructure to the country's unique cultural heritage in order to create a roadmap for advancing the crowdfunding industry.
About Massolution 5
Executive Summary 10
Introduction 16
Research Methodology 20
Crowdfunding Overview 24
- Types of Crowdfunding 27
- Crowdfunding Capital Flow Models™ 32
Analysis of the Mexican Crowdfunding Environment 36
- Economy and Financial Ecosystem 38
- Technology Infrastructure and Business Capacity 46
- Political Environment 51
- Mexican Regulatory Environment 54
- Cultural Context 57
- The Current Mexican Crowdfunding Landscape 60
- Points of Comparison: International Experience with Equity-based Crowdfunding Regulations 64
Recommendations 68
Conclusions 102
- Research Methodology 104
- Use Cases 106
- References 108

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MassolutionMar 26, 2014 08:00 pm GMT
Research Report
2013CF-L'Industry Report sul Crowdfunding [Italian Version]
Industry-focused Research

Questa relazione stabilisce un nuovo standard per una valutazione completa e fondata sulla realtà del settore crowdfunding, sulla base dei dati raccolti da 308 piattaforme in tutto il mondo e dell'analisi degli esperti leader del settore di massolution. Come già nella ampiamente citata relazione 2012, si scava in profondità e si fanno i calcoli per mostrare "chi" sia il crowdfunding e che cosa succederà in futuro. Ma a differenza del suo predecessore, questo rapporto include anche tre capitoli originali di ricerca dei migliori studiosi del settore: l'analisi delle dinamiche di crowdfunding e di come esso può essere utilizzato per generare una virale "accelerazione di terzo livello" in virtù delle differenti motivazioni dei legami forti e deboli del titolare della campagna. Una dettagliata panoramica dei quadri giuridici che circondano il crowdfunding in 15 paesi di tutto il mondo, con una particolare attenzione sulle leggi, sulle agenzie governative e sulle riforme possibili e l'analisi del crowdfunding diretto, il quale mette in discussione la stessa necessità di piattaforme intermediarie per i modelli di finanziamento non basati sull'investimento..

Oltre a fornire una comprensione pratica e quantitativa del crowdfunding oggi e una sintesi di alto livello del ruolo giocato dalle sue recenti innovazioni nel futuro prossimo, questo rapporto include anche intuizioni sorprendenti, frutto unico di una ricerca dettagliata. Ad esempio, saprai quale modello di crowdfunding (basato su donazioni, ricompense, prestiti, scambi equity o su royalty) riesce meglio degli altri a raggiungere gli obiettivi di finanziamento, come mai le raccolte per fini sociali differiscono ampiamente da quelle per fini ambientali e perchè il finanziamento delle piattaforme di crowdfunding start-up non riflette i modelli di crowdfunding che esse supportano.

- Prefazione
- Principali risultati: Highlights, Previsioni, Messaggi Chiave, Sviluppi,
- Informazioni sulla Ricerca: Il Rapporto di Ricerca “2013CF”, Il Team di Ricerca, Massolution
- Il Crowdfunding: Definizioni - Definizione e Tassonomia, Modelli di Crowdfunding, Il Mercato del Crowdfunding nel 2012
- Crescita e Composizione del Mercato: Mappa mondiale del Crowdfunding; Fondi totali raccolti, Crescita per Modello di Crowdfunding, Previsioni per Aree Geografiche, Previsioni per Modelli di Crowdfunding
- Statistiche delle Campagne: Campagne Mondiali, Modelli di Crowdfunding
-Percentuali di Successo: Sistemi “Threshold Pledge”, Probabilità di Finanziamento, Il Rapporto tra Pledge e Pay-out
- Categorie più attive: Tra tutti i modelli, Ritorni Finanziari vs. Ritorni Non-Finanziari, Modelli Individuali
- Il Finanziamento Web 2.0: Il Collaborative Web,
- Dinamiche del Crowdfunding: Introduzione, Legami sociali, La prova sociale, Accelerazione di Terzo livello: Legami forti, legami deboli e oltre
- Quadri normativi: Panoramica Globale, Europa, USA, Mercati e iniziative chiave
- Crowdfunding Diretto: Casi di Studio, Applicabilità, Costi e Benefici delle Piattaforme di Crowdfunding
- Piattaforme Emergenti di Crowdfunding: Una nuova mappa mondiale, Piattaforme di Nicchia, Modelli di Crowdfunding e Sistemi Threshold-Pledge, Copertura finanziaria
- Afflusso di capitali: ABC sul crowdsourcing, Distribuzione dell’afflusso di capitale
- Sviluppi: Industry Focus / Piattaforme di nicchia, Locavesting/Piattaforme di Comunità, Piattaforme ibride, Crowdfunding di impresa, Crowdfunding e sviluppo economico, LIVE Crowdfunding.

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massolutionJul 30, 2013 09:00 am GMT
$325Research Report
2013CF Crowdfunding Market: Software and Solutions Report
Crowdfunding PlatformsAs first of its kind, Massolution is publishing 2013CF Crowdfunding Market: Software and Solutions Report. It is a definitive guide to available crowdfunding software and solutions providers. This clear and concise report will guide you to the choices for building the platform you want, whether it is for donations, rewards, lending, equity, or royalty; whether it is a new site, an addition to an existing one, or a single campaign; whether you do it yourself or hire a provider. The report and exclusive web access to all provider profiles and comparisons, is the outcome of an extensive research of the market for crowdfunding software and solutions.
1. Introduction
a. Foreword
i. Evolution of the Crowdfunding Market
ii. An Emerging Ecosystem
b. About this Research
i. Methodology and Presentation
ii. Research Team
iii. About massolution
c. Definitions and Taxonomy
i. Crowdfunding Defined
ii. Crowdfunding Models
2. Entering the Crowdfunding Market
a. Market Strategy
i. The Crowdfunding World Map
ii. Funding Volumes
iii. Crowdfunding Activity
b. Business Model and Strategy
i. Crowdfunding Model
ii. Revenue Model
iii. Cost Components
c. Market Positioning
i. Understand Your Crowd
ii. Branding and Uniqueness
iii. Integration with an Existing Site
iv. Affiliate Programs
v. Platform Networks
d. Buy vs. Build
3. Buy vs. Build
a. Requirements
b. “Buy vs. Build” Decision Matrix
i. License Standard Solution
ii. License a Standard Solution or Assemble In-House
iii. Build and Assemble In-House
iv. Develop with a Partner
4. Other Considerations
a. Ongoing Support Costs
b. Platform Features
i. Dashboards and User Experience
ii. Administrators Interface
iii. Configurability
iv. Mobile Integration
v. Social Media Integration and Widgets
c. Operational Considerations
i. Traffic and Scalability
ii. Payment Processing
iii. Electronic Signatures (for Lending- and Equity-Based Platforms)
5. Crowdfunding in the U.S.
a. Introduction
i. A New Market
b. Compliance
i. Implications
ii. Tax Compliance
iii. Rewards and Securities
iv. Securities Dealers-Brokers
v. Transactions
vi. Investor Network Platforms
vii. Other Issues
6. Trends and Developments
a. Outlook
i. Expansion of Build Your Own Options
ii. API Markets
iii. Investor Network CFPs
iv. Integration of Advanced Tools
v. Mobile Offerings
7. Summary
a. Overview

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MassolutionJun 27, 2013 05:05 pm GMT
$195Research Report
2013CF Crowdfunding Analysis Report
Crowdfunding PlatformsThis report offers a reality-based overview of the crowdfunding industry, based on data gathered from 308 funding platforms worldwide. It maps, graphs, and predicts crowdfunding activity by geographic location, crowdfunding model (donation, reward, lending, equity, or royalty), activity, dollar amount, and other essential factors. This Market Analysis report lacks the descriptive academic contributions, category breakdowns, and success rates found in the full 2013CF report, but if you just require a high-level statistical view of how big the crowdfunding market has become, where, and how it will grow -- all based on Massolutions' comprehensive original research and quantitative modeling -- this report will answer your needs.
- Foreword
- Key Findings
- Highlights
- Predictions
- Key Messages 9
- About this Research
- The 2013CF Industry Report
- The Research Team
- About massolution
- Crowdfunding Defined
- Definition and Taxonomy
- Crowdfunding Models
The 2012 Crowdfunding Market
- Market Growth and Composition
- Crowdfunding World Map; Total Funds Raised
- Growth by Crowdfunding Model
- Predictions; Regions
- Campaign Statistics
- Campaigns Worldwide
- Crowdfunding Models

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massolutionJun 12, 2013 04:19 pm GMT
$245Research Report
2013CF-The Crowdfunding Industry Report
Industry-focused Research

This report sets a new standard for comprehensive, reality-based assessment of the crowdfunding industry, based on data gathered from 308 funding platforms worldwide and analysis from massolution's industry-leading brain trust. Like the widely-cited 2012 report, it digs deep and does the math to show who is crowdfunding what, where, how, and when-- and what will happen next. But unlike its predecessor, this report also includes three original research chapters by top academics in the field: an analysis of crowdfunding dynamics and how it can be applied to generate viral “third-level acceleration” from the differing motivations of strong-tie vs weak-tie friends; a detailed, 15-country overview of the legal frameworks that surround crowdfunding worldwide, including relevant laws, government agencies, and possible reforms; and an analysis of direct crowdfunding, which questions the very need for platforms for non-investment funding models.

In addition to providing a practical, quantitative understanding of crowdfunding today and a high level synthesis of how its recent innovations will play out in the future, this report also includes surprising insights that can only come out of detailed research. For example, you'll learn which crowdfunding model (donation, reward, lending, equity, or royalty) has had a much better record of reaching its funding goals than all the others, how social vs. environmental raises differ widely, and how the financing of crowdfunding platform startups does not reflect the crowdfunding models they support.

– Foreword
– Key Findings: Highlights; Predictions; Key Messages; Developments
– About this Research: The 2013CF Industry Report; The Research Team; About massolution
– Crowdfunding Defined: Definition and Taxonomy; Crowdfunding Models
The 2012 Crowdfunding Market
– Market Growth and Composition: Crowdfunding World Map by Total Funds Raised; Growth Rates by Crowdfunding Model; Predictions by Region; Predictions by Crowdfunding Models
– Campaign Statistics: Campaigns Worldwide; Crowdfunding Models
– Funding Probabilities: Threshold-Pledge Systems; Funding Probabilities; The Pledge vs. Pay Out Ratio
– Most Active Categories: Across the Models; Financial vs. Non-Financial Crowdfunding; Individual Models
Web 2.0 Financing
– The Collaborative Web
– Crowdfunding Dynamics: Social Ties; Social Proof; Third-level Acceleration: Strong Ties, Weak Ties, & Beyond
– Legal Frameworks: Global Overview; Key Markets and Initiatives
– Direct Crowdfunding: Case Studies; Applicability; Costs and Benefits of CFPs
– Emerging Crowdfunding Platforms: A New World Map; Niche Platforms; Crowdfunding Models and Threshold-Pledge Systems; Financial Backing
– Capital Inflow: Crowdsourcing Primer; Capital Inflow Distribution
– Developments: Industry Focus / Niche Platforms; Locavesting / Community Platforms; Hybrid Platforms; Enterprise Crowdfunding; Crowdfunding Economic Development; LIVE Crowdfunding

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massolutionApr 11, 2013 04:44 pm GMT
$95Research Report
CROWDFUNDING INDUSTRY REPORT: Market Trends, Composition and Crowdfunding Platforms
Industry-focused Research This research report provides an in-depth analysis of crowdfunding market trends and composition, and an overview of Crowdfunding Platforms (CFPs) that explains their functionality and the different models at play. The report is based on two sources of data: The Crowdfunding Industry Survey, conducted in the first quarter of 2012 by with analyses conducted by Crowdsourcing LLC's research and advisory business, massolution; and significant research conducted via other reliable sources to complete the profiling of the global crowdfunding industry. This research is the first in a series of reports aimed at providing reliable and factual information on the global crowdfunding industry.

We received over 170 responses to our industry survey where we selected participants from's Directory of Crowdfunding Sites which contained 452 active crowdfunding platforms at the time the survey was conducted. As the basis for the analyses, we selected 135 submissions from CFPs that we determined were comprehensive and of high-integrity. The 135 submissions provided extensive data relating to CFPs crowdfunding volumes, operations and key constituents (e.g., Funders and Fundraisers) for the calendar years 2009, 2010 and 2011. Our analyses of this rich data set has resulted in this research report on the crowdfunding industry.

About this Research
Research Sponsors
Participating Crowdfunding Platforms
Key Messages
Introduction and Methodology
– Definition of four main types of crowdfunding platforms
– Research methodology
– Breakdown of number of participating CFPs by category and region
– Breakdown of participating CFPs in terms of funds raised by category and region
Market Growth and Composition
– Growth in worldwide funding volume and composition by funds raised, category, year, and region
– Forecast of funds raised for 2012 by category
– Market growth and composition by number of CFPs, category, year, and region
– Market growth and composition by number of campaigns, year, and region
– Average campaign size by category
– Total funds raised by CFP maturity
– Concentration of funds raised by Top 5 and Top 10 CFPs
– Analysis of funds pledged compared to funds paid out
– Location of CFPs globally
– Percentage breakdown of CFPs by region and category
Crowdfunding Models
– Allocation of capital for Equity-based and Lending-based categories by industry sector
– Analysis of funds paid out per Equity-based project
– Funds paid out for Reward-based and Donation-based categories by industry sector
CFPs Value Proposition, Functionality and Approach
– Commissions earned by CFPs
– White Label offerings by CFP category
– CFP's level of involvement in contracts
– Average crowdfunding campaign timeframes
– Analysis of the number of times Funders and fundraisers participate in campaigns and on the same platform
– Use of escrow accounts and forms of payment methods
– Basic requirements for fundraisers seeking to raise funds on a CFP
– Top differentiating factors offered by CFP by category

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massolutionMay 08, 2012 08:05 pm GMTm.4.2.014
$95Research Report
Enterprise Crowdsourcing Research Report by massolution
Market trends and Statistics

This research report provides an in-depth analysis of market, provider and worker trends in the crowdsourcing industry, focusing on enterprise crowdsourcing.

The report is based on the 2011 Crowdsourcing Service Provider survey, conducted via, and is the first in a series of research reports, aimed at providing reliable and factual information on the crowdsourcing industry.

Thirty two Crowdsourcing Service Providers (CSPs) provided extensive data relating to their operations for calendar years 2009, 2010 and 2011. This data has resulted in this first research report for the Cloud Labor segment of the crowdsourcing industry.

About This Research
Key Messages
1. Introduction and Methodology
2. Market Growth and Maturity
3. Worker Trends and Composition
4. Client Trends and Demand
5. Provider Strategies and Capabilities
Appendix. Profiles of Participants CSPs

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MassolutionMar 10, 2012 09:05 pm GMT m.9.2.001
$95Research Report
The Opportunity for Crowdsourcing in Check Processing
Category-focused Research

This research report is a part of the CsFactor™ series of analyses of crowdsourcing opportunities in the enterprise market. It analyzes the crowdsourcing opportunities in the Check Processing (CP) operational segment of the retail banking industry.

The report features:

  • An overview of the CP market, delving into the history of CP, global volume trends, processing approaches, and regulatory differences.
  • The results of the application of's proprietary CsFactor methodology to evaluate CP from a crowdsourcing opportunity point of view.
  • A detailed process map, tasks analysis, and cost structure analysis of CP.
  • A conclusion about the potential crowdsourcing opportunity.
About This Research
Key Messages
Key Check Processing
1. CsFactor Analysis
2. Process Map And Cost Structure Analysis
3. Crowdsourcing Opportunity Estimate
Implications For Market Stakeholders

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MassolutionMar 08, 2012 09:05 pm GMTm.2.2.013
$250Research Report
Enterprise Crowdsourcing Use Cases Analysis
Category-focused Research

The rapid growth of the crowdsourcing market has led to the continuous emergence of new use cases. In order to create the most complete inventory of crowdsourcing use cases possible, the massolution team conducted an extensive review of the publicly available information on crowdsourcing transactions, announcements, and industry news.

This report analyzes crowdsourcing opportunities in the enterprise market segment by categorizing existing crowdsourcing use cases within the enterprise market segment.

This research report addresses:

  • proprietary methodology for the categorization of the crowdsourcing use cases.
  • A definition of existing crowdsourcing use cases, and of the categories within the enterprise domain.
  • Examples of projects and tasks delivered with the help of crowdsourcing.
About This Research
Crowdsourcing Use Case Categories
1. Ideation-based Tasks
2. Expertise-based Tasks
3. Freelance-based Tasks
4. Software Services
5. Micro-tasks

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MassolutionJan 14, 2012 08:05 pm GMTm.1.2.002
$250Research Report