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site Crowdfunding / Donations, Philanthropy and Sponsorship
Description This site promotes fund raising for all types of initiatives and donates all the profits to the projects that have been approved by
Launch date June, 2011
Location Netherlands, Best
Company contact details Foundation 4just1
P.O. Box 775
5600 AT Eindhoven
The Netherlands
Brief business history It has been almost 8 years since one of the founding members of read an article about a student who didn’t have enough money to finish his course. The student created a website which explained to internet users that he desperately needed money and within a few days he had received enough money through his website to finish his course.

Fascinated by this phenomena – which is now called CrowdFunding – they started creating a website which would enable the online collection of money.

The organisation was founded in July 2010 and is based in Best in The Netherlands.

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  • Guest Steve McQueen Apr 16, 2016 07:30 am GMT

    Hello, I am a Lyft driver, located in Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A.
    I want to start my own business but I will need to purchase a 2012 standard vehicle and business license. I was wondering if crowd sourcing. Could possibly be a way of reaching my goal? Thank you! Steve

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