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site Crowdfunding / Donations, Philanthropy and Sponsorship
Description is a e-commerce platform which provides online tools and processing services to enable the collection of charitable donations with 0% transaction fee.

51 Give came from the Chinese root words 我要给与(Wǒ yào gěi yǔ), when pronounced, sounds similar to Wǔ yào the numbers 5 and 1 respectively. This play on words has than become the company's slogan "I Want To Give".

51Give collects online donations in China. Their headquarters is located in Beijing, China, and was established in 2007 by co-founders Daniel Foa and Hiu Ng.
Launch date January, 2007
Location China, Beijing
Company contact details 12/F, Tower A, Ping An International Finance Centre

No.1-3 Xinyuan South Road

Chaoyang District, Beijing 100027

Tel: :+86 010 573-51858

Fax: +86-10 5735 1999
Success to date Registered charities: 98+
Collected: 9,136,152+ RMB
Active donors: 39,000+
Weibo Fans: 2,800,000+
Editor's comments LiNa VS. Novak Djokovic Friendly Charity Match Data

· 12,022 - Number of Audiences

12,022 people watched the match on site. Event has broken the ten year attendance record for China Open.

· 120,000/25,000,000 - Number of Weibo Participants

· 200/2,000 - Number of Media Participation & Reports

· 1,639,000 - Donation in total

Including 670,000 RMB in ticket revenue: 265,941 RMB from charity sponsor Kunlun Mountains, 100,000 RMB of tickets purchased from sponsor China Citic Bank, $100,000 donation from Novaktek

· 4,160,000~ 4,810,000 - CCTV5 Television Ratings


about 4,160,000- 4,810,000 people watched the match

· 30/87 - Leaders invited and Execution Team

· 180,000

The match has attracted over 180,000 people to 51Give's Weibo platform.


TV appearances:

· Zhejiang TV hit show "China Dream"

· CCTV5 Li Na vs Djokovic Charity Match "Battle of the Sexes"

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