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site Crowd Creativity / Writing
Description An idea competition to find the best ideas to make for a greater U.S. Any U.S citizen over 13 years of age (youth are citizens, too) can rate each idea, one to five stars. There is, also, a bipartisan rating given every bill—the weighted average of fiscal conservatives, independents, and social liberals.The top three idea/bills nationally and the top three statewide will comprise the GREATER BILL(s) 2012. We will then ask all the candidates to sign the GREATER BILL 2012 Pledge to see to its passage. To force leadership onto government to do what they can't or won't.
Location United States of America
Company contact details Jon Denn, publisher
(860) 930-0264
Brief business history We are just into beta.
Funding Looking for sponsors for a flight on Politico and to continue a run on
Success to date The site is functioning fine. Animal Legal Defense Fund has posted bills. As has Kauffman Foundation (by permission). We have a 10% sign up rate of viewers from!

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