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site Cloud Labor / Expert-tasks
Description Acabiz is a crowdsourcing platform, which allows academics (PhD and above) to provide direct consultancy services to companies.

For companies (SMEs, large corporations, NGOs), Acabiz is a way to source Knowledge & Know-How from extremely qualified experts, while for academics it is a way to monetise their knowledge and get in touch with businesses interested in their research.

Registering and posting Knowledge Requests on Acabiz is free.
Location Italy
Company contact details Acabiz S.r.l.
Via Cesare Battisti, 1
20122 Milan, Italy
Brief business history Acabiz S.r.l. was formed in April 2010 was lanched in April 2011

Currently, Acabiz working language is English.
Funding Seed Investment from Finlombarda: Eur 65k
Success to date Since its launch, Acabiz has grown into a well developed crowdsourcing platform with a large number of highly qualified academics (more than 2,500 across most subjects and geographies) and companies.

Excellent media coverage, including a featured article on Forbes

Good users' feedback (we are currently working on the next site release)

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