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Description Founded in 2004, ActBlue is a non-profit organization that provides fundraising tools to Democratic candidates and committees, and progressive organizations and has raised over $382 million from over 5.6 million contributions. They help to connect supporters with the issues that matter most to them, and provide an easy and efficient way to show their support. Their contribution forms are rigorously tested in order to streamline the donation process and their Express Donate program allows repeat donors to give with just one click.
Launch date January, 2004
Location United States of America, Cambridge, MA
Editor's comments ActBlue allows individuals, groups, and campaigns to build a community of fundraisers for their candidate or their cause. They also work with c4 organizations, which is a key point. They make it possible for anyone to start fundraising and organizing events within minutes. ActBlue is leading the way in building a lasting infrastructure of committed Democratic fundraisers and organizers.

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