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Description The AppVillage mission is to build a community of innovators, designers, developers, project managers, marketers, investors and AppLovers who work together to produce, market and enjoy game-changing apps.
Our aim is to not only foster new ideas but to produce and market apps so that they are successful and all parties involved can reap the rewards.
Launch date April, 2012
Location Australia, Sydney
Company contact details AppVIllage
Level 3
2 Hill St
Surry Hills NSW 2010

Phone: +61 2 8115 9300
Brief business history Founded in April 2012 by Steve Fanale and Patrick Visser, the AppVillage commenced accepting crowd-sourced ideas for review. By the final months of 2012, the first two crowd developed ideas were under way. The AppVillage is looking to expand operations to grow the number of Villagers it can offer great crowd-sourced ideas to.
Funding AppVillage has seed funding for setting up operations, and has gained investor funding for one of the crowd-sourced app ideas.
Success to date AppVillage has successfully delivered one app to the Apple App store, and has over ten other apps in various stages of ideation and development.

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