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Crowdfunding Accreditation for Platform Standarts

Description ASSOB assists small and medium sized business to sell equity (shares/stocks) in their business to friends, family, fans and followers of the business in a compliant and proven manner. Over $120 million has been invested in matters funded through the ASSOB Capital Raising Platform. It is by far the most successful equity based crowdfunding platform in the world.
Launch date March, 2006
Location Australia, ROBINA
Company contact details Paul Niederer
Australian Small Scale Offerings Board
“Passionately Facilitating Equity Funding for Small Business”
Phone: 1300 722 954
Fax: 1300 722 593
M: 0411 968 362
Office: Suite 14, "Riverwalk Place"
2 Waterfront Place
Brief business history The founder has been pushing for more equity for small businesses in the fund raising space for 25 years. ASSOB in its present form has been operational since 2006. THere are around 40 live and 20 listings in preparation at any one time. Businesses profiled on the platform usually raise between $600,000 and $1.2 million for each raising. some companies have achieved several raisings.
Funding While ASSOB has a subscriber list of 20,000 funding predominantly comes from friends, family fans and followers of the entity raising capital.
Success to date $120,015,443 raised to date. Over 200 companies have been assisted. Listings have gone on to worldwide stock exchanges like the AIMS London Stock Exchange, Frankfurt, Toronto and the Australian ASX.

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  • Dave Milliken Dave Milliken Feb 22, 2012 04:08 am GMT

    Paul and ASSOB are pioneers in the investment crowdfunding space. We look forward to the legalization of securities-based crowdfunding in the US and elsewhere so entrepreneurs, consumer investors, and job seekers can benefit from accessing this source of capital.

  • Paul Niederer Paul Niederer Apr 10, 2012 11:04 pm GMT

    Have an update for you.
    We just took out the stats for the pst few years.
    Here is a look at the past 5 years:

    Total number of individual investments in ASSOB listed companies 2328
    Total number of individual Investors 2005
    Average investment per investor $38,023
    176 Companies received investment
    152 are still operational
    Average invested per Company $503,305
    Highest individual company raise $3,540,000

    2054 Australian investments and 274 International investments have been made
    179 invested in 2 companies
    36 invested in 3 companies
    10 invested in 4 companies
    10 invested in 5 or more companies

    On average 11 investors per company

    Main investment segments of companies receiving funding
    IT & T 11%
    Food & Beverage 8%
    Mining / Oil 8%
    Technology 6%
    Software 6%
    Green technology 5%
    Health & Beauty 5%
    Media / Entertainment 5%
    Health 5%
    Web Based 5%
    Biotechnology 4%
    Environmental 3%

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