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Description Benevolent fosters individual giving to meet individual needs - connecting people who face hurdles along their paths to stability and success with people who want to help.

Benevolent breaks new ground by providing a platform for personal connection coupled with the security of a trusted validation process.
Launch date December, 2011
Location United States of America
Company contact details
Brief business history Benevolent launched it's pilot platform in the Chicago area on December 1st.

Benevolent's founder, Megan Kashner, seeks to meet three goals through this site:
1) Help low income adults overcome the barriers that so often halt their progress towards success and sustainability.
2) Provide small-dollar donors with a direct and connected giving experience.
3) Expose the first-person stories of those who are striving to overcome low income circumstances.
Funding Benevolent is a nonprofit and is seeking philanthropic support to continue to grow and scale.
Success to date Benevolent is, in its early pilot stage, meeting 5 to 20 needs each month, helping adults to the next steps along their paths and to greater levels of independence from safety net programs and support.

Benevolent has successfully retained a cadre of excellent board members, advisory board members, volunteer staff, and dedicated pro bono providers to get us where we are thus far.

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