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Description Use open-source decision-making rules, and self-organizing principles to run your real-world projects.

Bettermeans offers an open, democratic project management tool for social enterprises.

Decide together.Get things done. No bosses needed.
Company contact details Shereef Bishay
Brief business history Site beta was launched early November 2010.
We now have over 1300 projects being run in a transparent, decentralized way.

Over 66 people are working on bettermeans itself, which is itself running as an open enterprise.
Success to date To date we've had great press coverage, and an awesome response from our early adopters.

Over 3000 active users are collaborating daily on 1300 projects
Editor's comments Bettermeans provides a platform for democratized decision making and collective action. It breaks through traditional organizational models that are often the greatest inhibitors of progress.

The Bettermeans platform enables individuals to self-elect and invest in initiatives they feel most passionate about.

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