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Brandfighters is an online network that organizes non-stop video and concept contests for young creatives. As a young creative you create a video or a concept for top brands. Brandfighters has already teamed up with Go Fast, Heineken and Hi. Brandfighters brings young creatives in contact with top brands and we give you a little push in the right direction (towards the industry). In addition, you can work on your portfolio, use your creative egg and win prize money!

Company contact details

+31 30 302 01 10

For brand information, send your email to Oskar Bolhuis at

For community information, send your email to Roy van Bijsterveldt at

Editor's comments Brandfighters don’t go for the traditional approach. They let the young people take the lead. they let the younger generations help in building the brand. This creates an interaction between the brand and the target group. Youth communicating with youth - that’s the best way to reach them and to engage them.

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