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Crowdfunding Accreditation for Platform Standarts

Description CommunityLeader is an online marketplace that connects private companies with prospective investors in a single intelligent network for accessing and managing equity Crowdfunding opportunities. If you are a business seeking capital from the crowd and want to connect to your community of potential investors, our user-friendly beta version of CampaignLeader will ensure you deliver a secure and compliant offering while giving transparency and accountability to your new investors. Our technology and personal service provide both existing and new businesses the legal, accounting, marketing, and operational to run a best practices equity Crowdfunding campaign.
Location United States of America, San Mateo, CA | Minneapolis, MN | San Diego, CA | New York NY
Company contact details
Tel: 866.516.8922

Corporate Office:
181 2nd Ave, Suite 458
San Mateo, CA 94401
Tel: 866.516.8922 Ext. 800

Field Office
7825 Washington Ave S, Suite 450
Minneapolis, MN 55439
Tel: ? 866.516.8922 Ext. 801

Contact us page with LiveChat:

Brief business history In 2010, the leadership of CommunityLeader created the vision of launching a "crowd-sourced funding" platform for small private businesses to seize the opportunity of injecting new capital into their organization when new legislation relaxed the SEC rules for non-accredited investors to participate in capital raises of up to $2 million. This vision became a reality in February 2011 and CommunityLeader, Inc. was established in the State of Nevada.
Funding CommunityLeader has secured the launch capital necessary at this stage of development.
Success to date Watch this space!

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