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Consensus Point

Consensus Point
Consensus Point provides enterprise prediction market software, revolutionizing the research industry. The Consensus Point prediction market platform, Huunu, makes innovation more efficient by increasing respondent engagement and aggregating knowledge in a market environment to predict market preferences and future events. As a pioneer in the prediction market software, Consensus Point built its reputation working with clients such as GE, Best Buy, Motorola, Logica, and YourEncore.
Location United States of America
Editor's comments Consensus Point is a leading provider of prediction market software and services. They translate these advanced technologies into solutions to help clients around the world create better products, effectively manage risk, accurately predict the future, and make more informed decisions. The company helps customers reduce the risk of uncertainty, improve revenue through accurate forecasts of products and services, and manage projects with immediate insight into future completion dates and budgets. Prediction markets provide viable and valuable prospective business insights and complement other useful information tools by aggregating the tacit knowledge from employees, customers, and/or partners about your most critical business initiatives.

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