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Description CrowdFlower was founded by Lukas Biewald and Chris Van Pelt in 2007. CrowdFlower is headquartered in the heart of San Francisco's Mission District.

With multiple labor channels, CrowdFlower uses crowdsourcing to harness a round-the-clock workforce that spans more than 70 countries, multiple languages, and can access up to half-a-million workers to dispatch diverse tasks and provide near-real time answers.
Location United States of America
Editor's comments CrowdFlower makes it easy for companies to tap thousands of workers for short stretches — and get great quality work. CrowdFlower provides custom solutions for large-scale projects. They care of designing the jobs, running them, managing workers, and maintaining the quality control. They even help with technical integration.

Labor-on-demand offers a cost-conscious, elastic workforce which gives companies both big and small immediate, high-quality work. CrowdFlower customers can quickly complete massive volumes of simple tasks and eliminate the lead time and overhead associated with traditional hiring or outsourcing.

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