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site Crowdfunding / Investing (Equity, Profit and Revenue Sharing)

Crowdfunding Accreditation for Platform Standarts

Description Crowdinvest is the first crowd sourced investing platform in South Africa! We offer a new and easy way to invest, by providing a platform where many people can invest modest amounts together in a variety of single high value investment opportunities and together share in the financial rewards. You can also use Crowdinvest to raise finance for your business, venture or investment products, where it promises a financial return, by listing it as an equity based investment on our website.
Launch date November, 2012
Location South Africa, Stellenbosch
Company contact details Email:
Address: 17 Quantum Street, Technopark, Stellenbosch
Facebook :
Brief business history Making investment a realistic possibility for a large portion of the population has massive implications for the entrepreneurial community. The challenges currently involved in obtaining funds from a dwindling number of venture capitalist firms and angel investors are significant, and have deterred many South Africans from realising their business ambitions. Crowdinvest’s founders are no strangers to these obstacles, having spent the past two years working to acquire the start-up capital necessary for legal and infrastructure development.
Crowdinvest launched a pilot model in April 2012 and we are launching our new platform in November 2012.

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