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site Open Innovation / Idea Generation
Description The CrowdSpirit platform proposes a new model based on crowdsourcing that enables businesses to involve innovators from outside the company directly in the design of innovative products and services.

CrowdSpirit allows users to submit ideas in response to a challenge published by companies. When a good idea is submitted, idea generators are invited to become a member the project team established by the company taking the idea forward and they are invited to participate in the development of the idea.
Location United States of America
Editor's comments CrowdSpirit was once an ambitious project to crowdsource the production of a consumer electronics product from R&D and design through production and marketing. Now it has relaunched as an idea marketplace similar to the design contest marketplace that SitePoint runs over at sister site 99designs. Entrepreneurs can ask questions of the CrowdSpirit community (such as, “What killer app could be made with our new API?”), and the best ideas are rewarded with cash or prizes.

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