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site Crowd Creativity / Design
Description CrowdTogether is an Austin, Texas-based company founded on the idea that communities with a shared interest can create better designs.
They take the principles of crowdsourcing – like calling on a large group to complete a task – and make it a bit more personal. They bring it closer to home, allowing communities to design posters, shirts and other work using not just any people, but their people.
With CrowdTogether’s tools, sports promoters, charity organizers, schools, bands, and other groups can engage and activate their members by building online design contests.
Location United States of America
Editor's comments CrowdTogether makes it easy to engage supporters from set-up and design submission to voting and printing. They like to call it fansourcing.

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  • Carl Rosenberg Carl Rosenberg Mar 25, 2011 05:05 pm GMT

    What a fantastic Idea this is!!
    Crowdsourcing for all!
    It is as easy as setting up an Ebay auction.

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