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Description FundRazr is the quickest, easiest and most effective way to raise money online. As Canada’s largest and most successful crowdfunding platform, FundRazr has raised over $21,000,000 for over 36,000 campaigns in 18 different countries since our launch in July 2010.

Launch date January, 2008
Location United States of America
Company contact details
Editor's comments Our advanced social media technology helps our customers’ campaigns rise above the noise on Facebook and Twitter. Analytics show our system generates over 300% more social media exposure compared with regular Facebook sharing. Campaigns are seen by more potential contributors and, as a result, raise more money. In a recent survey, our customers told us that we spread their message so well that over one quarter of their contributions came from people they don’t even know.

FundRazr can be used to fund just about any type of project or cause. Examples include funding medical expenses, memorials, accident recovery, pet care, natural disaster relief, charitable causes or entrepreneurial projects.

Anyone can use FundRazr to Crowdfund Anything. Anywhere.

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