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site Cloud Labor / Micro-tasks
Description Gigwalk turn iPhones into a second paycheck and instantly connect businesses to the talented Gigwalk community workforce to do Gigs using the Gigwalk iPhone App.

The Gigwalk mobile workforce is a community of folks like you using their iPhone to connect, explore, and earn a second paycheck as they go about their day. Gigwalk’s workforce is available in multiple US metro areas.
Company contact details
Brief business history Gigwalk was born in Silicon Valley, CA and Vancouver, Canada. They started Gigwalk during the Great Recession, turning people’s smartphones into a second paycheck and instantly connecting businesses to talented people with an iPhone.
Harrison Metal Michael Dearing
SoftTech VC Jeff Clavier
Greylock Discovery Reid Hoffman
Accelerator Ventures Alex Lloyd
Founder Collective Bill Trenchard & Eric Paley

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  • Guest charlie Aug 09, 2012 09:51 pm GMT

    I like Gigwalk when I get easy opportunities! Being in between jobs has not been easy and I really enjoy doing the missions for some of the other guys. My favorite newbie is iPoll. I have it on my iPhone and my wife on her android.

    Just yesterday, I got to do some really cool things for the Olympics at a local restaurant! Last week I went on a secret mission into a Target store and snapped a picture of a yoplait yogurt. The company is pretty good about catching cheaters so be careful!

    All in all I have made $480 on iPoll and $64 on Gigwalk.

    A couple others that I downloaded and am starting to use lately; check rewards and shop kick! No missions, just discounts, no real cash rewards either

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