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Give a little

Give a little
Givealittle is an online giving platform for everyone. It is a useful tool for when you want to make stuff happen quickly using your networks. You can use Give a little to:

*Donate to hundreds of great organizations and causes
*Start fundraising pages that benefit others registered on Give a little
*Create your own cause to attract public donations
*Charities, non-profits and community groups create member pages to grow awareness for your work, spread the word and receive online donations easily and cost effectively.

Launch date December, 2007
Location New Zealand, Wellington
Company contact details
Give a little Limited
PO Box 27 341
Marion Square

Phone: +64 4 472 5160
Fax: +64 4 472 5132
Brief business history Give a little is a small web company based in Wellington, New Zealand. Founded by CEO Nathalie Whitaker in December 2007. Give a little exists to make good things happen.They are part of a wave of online ventures worldwide nutting out ways to use the web to create a real difference offline. Everyday they get up and come to work on clever online tools so that real issues, people and organizations can get the support they need from people like you. Just call it their noble mission!

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