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Ideame is a platform that helps talented Latin creators to accomplish their ideas through crowdfunding, social networks and value added services. It´s an online community that collaborates with small (or not so small) amounts of money to support Latin creative initiatives.

Their mission is to generate a space where Latin talent can be fostered and developed.

Launch date October, 2011
Location Chile, Santiago de Chile
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Editor's comments
Ideame consists of Creators, who present projects, and producers, who support them. Producers give small (and not so small) amounts of money and help spread the word. In exchange they receive rewards specially designed by creators.

If the project obtains at least a 100% of the requested funds, it will be considered successful and the creator will collect the money and deliver the promised rewards. If the Project does not obtain at least a 100% of the requested funds, the Project will be considered unsuccessful, and the Money will be returned to the backers.

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