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Ideas Culture

site Open Innovation / R & D
Ideas Culture
Description It doesn't matter where you reside or on what time zone you're in, Ideas Culture has hundreds of Ideas Agents in 8 different countries, ranging in age from 15-82. Ideas Culture form global teams to work on the challenges. Typically an average of 80 to 100+ ideas are generated per challenge.
Location Australia
Company contact details PO Box 2430,
Templestowe Heights
Victoria 3107 Australia

Phone: 1300 734 904

Brief business history After researching a range of textbooks and theories on how to build innovative organisations through creative thinking techniques, Yvonne Adele discovered there was no well-rounded, closed loop solution on using key brainstorm processes to foster creative thinking which would in turn drive innovation. She found the classic brainstorm techniques were missing some vital steps which she now includes in her sessions to generate up to 80% more ideas.
Editor's comments Ideas Culture works to pull together a productive brainstorming team pooled from challengers own circles and internal and external stakeholder groups and perhaps the general population to address a specific business challenge.

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