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Description INCENT offers two powerful options to effectively identify the best ideas:
• Peer based evaluation structure, where users score ideas on a predefined scale.
• Criteria based structure that allows you to define specific criteria and scoring rules by which the evaluators will grade the ideas.
iDS-Innovate Key Features:
• Global access via the internet
• Task based workflow
• Directed collaboration
• Email notifications
• Awards Management
• Multilingual Support
• Visual Management (Program statistics, health charts, and accountability reports.)
• Virtual Brainstorming (Collaboration)
• Idea Challenges
• Criteria based voting
• Incorporation of internal and external participants

Company contact details Toll-Free:+(866)343 5135
Corporate:+1(205)267 6802
Skype: incent.USA.001
Brief business history INCENT Idea Development Solutions, LLC was founded in 2006 with a vision to improve employee involvement and help organizations globally become leaner, greener, and more competitive by relying on what the Japanese have known ever since 1721 when the eighth Shogun, Yoshimuni Tokugawa, offered rewards for people’s ideas.

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