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Description Enterprise Crowdsourcing: The Shift from Jobs to Tasks can Reduce your Labor Costs by 30%.

Companies are looking for new ways to reduce the cost of getting work done. Companies have hired Managed Service Providers, held reverse auctions, implemented vendor management systems (VMS), established rate cards, outsourced, and used other tactics to address the high cost of labor. Now that most of the benefit has been captured from these activities—what next?

Enterprise Crowdsourcing from Lionbridge provides the necessary project management, risk mitigation, contracting, and payment mechanisms for enterprises to effectively leverage crowdsourcing.
Location United States of America
Brief business history Lionbridge (NASDAQ: LIOX) is a $428MM public company with a network of 140,000 cloud workers in 102 countries and 4,600 cities.
Success to date Leading Fortune 500 companies are working with Lionbridge to create private crowds to perform highly routine, operational tasks for their businesses.

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