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Local Motors

site Open Innovation / Design
Local Motors
Description Local Motors is an American car company that adheres to environmental efficiency, social networking (of car designers and car loves)as well as crowdsourcing their car designs. They've put up a weekly car designs contest. The best design wins and will be built.
Location United States of America
Editor's comments Local Motors' objective to crowdsource their car designs is good for the company, the crowd and the customers themselves. Not only does the company stand to gain a profit, but also lots of fans by allowing designers to show their skills and contribute to creating stylish yet efficient car designs.

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  • Josh Thomas Josh Thomas Jan 04, 2011 08:52 pm GMT

    This is awesome..if one of their focuses is environmental efficiency then sourcing designs to the crowd is great way to get worthwhile ideas, instead of just limiting their brainstorming to a few employees. Plus designing my own car would be sweet!

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