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Description Web App to enable organizations (enterprises, NGO's, communities, etc) to not only harvest ideas via Web, Facebook, Twitter and Email but also work on the ideas with supporting tools and processes (Teambuilding, Mindmapping, Concepting, Activities, Appreciations). We rent out spaces that can be branded, private or public.
Location Austria
Company contact details Michael Schwanzer
Twitter: @mschwanzer
Skype: mschwanzer
Brief business history Launched as a open idea sharing platform in 2007, openideas collected experience in crowdsourcing and idea generation and collaboration. Michael Schwanzer wrote his Bachelor Thesis in 2008 about Commercial Opportunities of Crowdsourcing and after a pivot on the concept starts relaunches openideas now with an enterprise edition.
Funding the City of Vienna’s agency for the creative industries
Success to date CISCO Austria Web 2.0 Award

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