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PPL - Crowdfunding Portugal

site Crowdfunding / Donations, Philanthropy and Sponsorship
PPL - Crowdfunding Portugal

Crowdfunding Accreditation for Platform Standarts

Description PPL is a reward-based crowdfunding platform unique for the creative and entrepreneurial flavour it brings, for the qualities and values of the team behind, and for the differentiating marketplace innovation it is working on and developing. It potentiates an engaged community to exchange funds and skills, resulting in innovative and freshly different projects. This is accomplished with local action, but global thinking, where PPL networks with the strongest references in the field and works with partners and other European and American platforms to collectively push the envelope in this new area and promote a strongly positive impactful democratization of finance.
Launch date August, 2011
Location Portugal
Company contact details
Brief business history Orange Bird, the parent company of PPL Crowdfunding Platform was founded in June 2011.

The PPL website was launched on July 31st 2011 and the Platform was fully operational on the 11th of August 2011.
We are a team passionate about collective wisdom, collaboration and the innovation potential living inside each individual and user.

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