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Rebirth Financial

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Rebirth Financial

Crowdfunding Accreditation for Platform Standarts

Rebirth Financial provides a financial platform and assessment tool facilitating growth and small business lending in today’s difficult lending environment. The company’s founders created Rebirth Financial to reinvigorate local economies after the financial crisis of 2008. With beginnings in New Orleans, Louisiana, they are proving that financial innovation will be imperative to restarting the US economy.

Rebirth Financial facilitates development for the small business sector while yielding growth options for individual and institutional lenders. They connect individuals with small business borrowers looking for capital.

Editor's comments
As a financial technology company recognized world-wide for innovative products and solutions, Rebirth Financial streamlines the loan process for institutions, and capitalizes on our one-of-a-kind rating system, JAS, which assesses the financial health of small businesses. Employing their systematic lending platform allows an institutional partnership to become a catalyst for small business growth, community development, and a more prosperous economy.

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