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Description Scolaris is Canada’s first Crowdfunded Academic Scholarship Platform. Evidently, we may very well be the world’s first Crowdfunded Academic Scholarship Platform – with our unique business model.

With Scolaris, we offer a friendly way for high school graduates and students enrolled in an accredited university, college or trade school to create their own custom scholarship portfolio and raise funds through their social networks to help pay their tuition fees for their upcoming school semesters through a "Scolariship".
Launch date July, 2012
Location Canada, Toronto
Company contact details Mark Mauleesan, CEO and Founder

Temporary Office
c/o Mauleesan, Inc.
332 Chester-Le Blvd.
Scarborough, Ontario
M1W 2K6

T: 416-562-2501

Twitter: scolaris_canada

Brief business history is going live (BETA) on CANADA DAY 2012!
Funding Scolaris has been exclusively funded and bootstrapped by Mauleesan Corporation. However, we are always looking for interested partners to invest in our vision and future goals.
Success to date Being a Canadian-born site, we figured it would be appropriate to launch live in BETA on CANADA DAY 2012. For the rest of the summer Scolaris will make its name and mission known to students across the country!

In the works: We are also working to create similar sites tailored for students from other countries too.
And our mobile app is also under development and should be ready in the coming months to help our users monitor and update their profiles wherever they are!

Editor's comments Scolaris also offers a service for anyone who wishes to create their own custom scholarship and have registered users apply directly through our "Philanthropis Directory".

We are also working on providing a means for recent graduates to use crowdfunding to help pay down their tuition-fee related debts post graduation.

We recently filed for patent protection against our unique business model. This will allow us to grow and scale our platform into other markets exclusively.

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