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site Crowdfunding / Investing (Equity, Profit and Revenue Sharing)

Crowdfunding Accreditation for Platform Standarts

Description StartupValley is an equity-based crowdfunding portal to allow start-ups and emerging growth companies to raise capital through the "crowd" in exchange for equity in their business.

Currently, crowdfunding sites are reward based portals. Reward based allows people to raise money for an idea and the person raising the funds can give away gifts or rewards (like products, t-shirts, etc...) The ability to give away equity (stock) in ones company was illegal... until now!
Location United States of America
Company contact details Contact Founder and CEO
Daryl H. Bryant
daryl at startupvalley dot com
(201) 710-7137
Brief business history Until the rules are published by the SEC (on how portals like this are required to operate) StartupValley is currently in pre-launch status. Once the rules are released (probably early 2013) then StartupValley will be a full functioning equity based crowdfunding portal to allow technology startups and emerging growth to raise capital for their business through friends, family, and the rest of the crowd.

StartupValley will be there to support the following: mobile apps, social apps, social media tools, social networking websites, e-commerce websites, software, IT, medical technology, renewable energy, and other technology based companies.
Funding It's all based on the JOBS Act, which was signed by Obama on April 5, 2012 to allow companies to raise capital for their business and give away equity ownership in return. This is a revolutionary change in how businesses will raise money for their company in the future (through "the crowd") and StartupValley is going to be there to support technology based startups and companies who want to raise money and give away equity in their business.
Success to date Currently is targeting investors and generating awareness while in pre-launch status. Once the rules are released (probably early 2013) then StartupValley will be a full functioning equity based crowdfunding portal.

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  • Guest sean Oct 12, 2012 10:46 am GMT

    We need a simple model to help us properly slice the pie. It needs to be flexible and fair. By fair I mean it needs to give each founder what they deserve. And by flexible I mean it needs to adapt over time to re-allocate the <a href="">startup equity</a> so that the distribution stays fair until the fledgling company takes flight. check out Mike Moyer's book slicing pie it talks about 50/50 share and how to divide it through his grunt calculator.

  • PICISI PICISI Oct 08, 2015 06:03 am GMT

    nice site

  • Guest Nov 05, 2015 04:11 pm GMT

    Really nice one. one small observation.
    The startup listing in homepage not showing what is the target seed money and amount raised for each startup. such showing will attract interest from avg Joe to invest

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