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Description Founded as early as 2009 by a team of Dutch entrepreneurs, Symbid is an online investment platform that helps private investors, entrepreneurs and start-ups come together in a safe and secure funding ecosystem.

As one of the world's first equity crowdfunding platforms, Symbid enables non-accredited investors (i.e. anyone) to become shareholders in innovative, emerging, & potentially profitable companies with a minimum investment of $27 (€20). Returns on investment are derived from financial dividends, value growth, rewards, and benefits. So far, all of their funded companies are still active & growing, while many have earned their investors a healthy profit.

Launch date January, 2009
Location Netherlands, Rotterdam and Amsterdam, Milan, Italy Berlin, Germany
Success to date Symbid is more than just a platform. All their propositions are rigorously vetted by their accounting partner, while the experienced Symbid team coaches & supports every entrepreneur towards a successful funding experience. They're fully authorized and regulated by Autoriteit Financiële Markten (Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets) and De Nederlandsche Bank (Dutch Central Bank).

In December 2013, Symbid became the first publicly listed crowdfunding platform worldwide after its release on OTC Markets [SBID]. As of September 2014, Symbid has successfully funded over 60 entrepreneurs and their start-ups for a total amount of approximately $6,500,000 (USD).

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