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site Crowdfunding / Donations, Philanthropy and Sponsorship
Description Teespring allows you to create and sell custom t-shirts (and apparel) without the upfront costs, and without the hassle. No more spending hundreds of dollars up front, no more wondering how many shirts (and in what sizes) to order, and no more chasing down friends to pay you back. Just design your perfect shirt, choose a sale's goal (tipping point) and launch a campaign!

Once you reach your goal, we'll handle the printing & shipping and send you a check for the profit. It's that simple!
Launch date June, 2012
Location United States of America, Providence, RI
Company contact details support (at) teespring (dot) com
Brief business history Beta began in Jan 2012, launched in April 2012.
Success to date We've sold over 5,000 t-shirts and $70k revenue in our first month of business! Looking forward to continuing to grow.

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  • Guest Aeex Aug 05, 2014 05:51 am GMT

    I have to say that I love teespring. Easily the best crowfunded apparel printing out there. only 2 years and already way at the top! Rhode island is the new silicon valley!


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