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site Distributed Knowledge / Social (or Peer) Production
Description Tomnod is a company of engineers, explorers, and adventurers. Tomnod's founders all have PhDs in engineering with expertise spanning human computation and crowdsourcing, machine learning, signal and image processing.

Tomnod was founded to meet the needs of a growing digital world, where the size and complexity of digital data sets continue to increase exponentially and new analytical methods are required to realize their potential. We specialize in data improvement, machine learning/automated computation, and human generated analysis (crowdsourcing). This expertise has been generated over 20+ years of combined Ph.D. level research and multiple highly successful public platform launches.
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Phone: (858) 707-5426

Success to date Tomnod creates crowdsourcing applications that are entertaining, educational and sometimes even lifesaving.

Proven track record:

Successful remote sensing campaign in Mongolia to find the Tomb of Genghis Khan.
Engagement of the crowd on (6000 visitors engaged for 7.5 minutes on average, 1.5 million tags).
Successful cycle of crowdsourcing, groundtruthing, and reporting back to the crowd.
User interface expertise integrates social, altruistic and game-based motivations to engage online crowds.
Herd-It Facebook integration: herds of Facebook players categorize the "feeling" of songs.
Statistical analytics and innovative visualization for insightful data reporting.
Published scientific contributions in crowdsourcing and machine learning.

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  • Guest Rich LaGuardia Mar 11, 2014 07:11 pm GMT

    What an exciting way to part of a community that can truly make a difference!

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