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Twago means "Teamwork Across Global Offices” and is an internet based offshoring platform with multi language strategy created to provide high quality services worldwide. Service provider worldwide implement projects and tasks of mainly European customers. Their target group is small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), entrepreneurs and freelancers. Due to economic crisis many small and medium sized businesses have to cut their costs which often results in the increased need for outsourcing. twago is the first platform that enables small and medium companies to profit from outsourcing benefits and also from factor price differences to low-wage countries (offshoring).

Location Germany
Company contact details
twago GmbH
Managing Directors: Gunnar Berning, Thomas Jajeh, Maria Lindinger
Novalisstr. 12
10115 Berlin

Tel.: +49-(0)30-25041500

German VAT No.: DE265139631

Registered in Berlin Charlottenburg, HRA 119292 B
Editor's comments
Twago is headquartered in Berlin (Germany). twago GmbH is owned by the founders Gunnar Berning, Maria Lindinger and Thomas Jajeh.Their range of provided services spans from (web) programming, graphic design, and translations to market research – assignments that can be carried out distantly. The concept is simple: European buyers post projects, worldwide service-providers bid on them, the buyer compares and makes a decision. twago supports the project through project management tools and secure payment transaction.

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