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site Cloud Labor / Micro-tasks
Description VineStove, an online marketplace for work, is making the bet that self-interest is not the only type of motivation that can get work done online. The platform encourages volunteers to compete to perform online-tasks of all types (including logo-design, editing, research, and translation, etc.) in order to channel money toward their favorite nonprofits.
Launch date December, 2012
Location United States of America, San Diego
Company contact details
Brief business history Microtasking, thus far, has tended to focus on big clients, enterprise businesses and scientific research, esp. We want to make microtasking something more casual, something easy to do, competitive, fun, and visually appealing. We want microtasking to become a way of life for the average person. Everyone can use some work done for them online; most just don’t realize how easy it is to get it! We're here to change that...

VineStove was founded in 2012 and headquartered in San Diego, CA.

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