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Description Voice123 is a crowdsourcing marketplace where businesses find, cast, and hire voice talent. This crowdsource offers over 100K voices in over 30 languages. Based out of New York City, Voice123 has the largest online database of voice talents, voice producers, ad agencies and producers. We help people find the perfect voice over for their project, business, or production. We also help voice talents and voice producers promote their voice production services using the Internet.

Location United States of America
Company contact details US or Canada: +1-877-275-8642
Globally: +1-212-461-1873 .

Brief business history In late 2002, out of love and the desire to change an industry, the relationship between Alexander Torrenegra (CEO and Co-founder) and Tania Isabel Zapata (Co-founder) gave birth to Voice123.

The company quickly grew, and by 2007, new technology was released with a heuristic algorithm designed to help voice seekers find the best matching voices based on their requirements, build business relations, and balance the job distribution among the subscribed talents.

Success to date We have over 100,000 registered voice actors, have posted over 10,000 jobs per month, processed over 3 Million auditions and our talents have received over $150,000,000 in payments to date.

We helped MTV find the voice of September Day Leach for the MTV Movie Awards (2007).
Pixar Studios hired the voice of Spanish Buzz Light-Year for Toy Story 3, Javier Fernandez Pena (2010).
Warner Bros. found the voice of Skynet for Terminator 3 (2008).
Editor's comments The animated film, “Dolphin: Story of a Dreamer”, almost nominated for an Oscar, and Cannes Film Award-winner was cast out of Peru through Voice123 (2009).

We have helped many productions such as 'Incessant Voices' (documentary about architect Erich Mendelsohn) found the narrators for the documentary (2011).

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