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At Wazoku we're all about great ideas. Our web-based idea management tools help businesses uncover great ideas, gather feedback and make great ideas become reality. Social tools ensure that all ideas are given a voice and are seen by the people who can make them happen. Our core platform is Idea Spotlight – it captures, filters and prioritises the ideas generated within a business or community.
Company contact details London Office
UGLI Block B,
56 Wood Lane,
London, UK W12 7SB

P: +44 (0) 208 743 5724
Editor's comments Idea Spotlight provides businesses or institutions an easy to use service with a sophisticated back-end technology that captures employee innovation, provides a platform for contextual evaluation by internal members of the specific organisation, and helps the best ideas to surface based on weighted voting. The system learns who experts and decision makers are for specific topics or keywords, and their proprietary algorithms then apply company assigned weightings to these people by hierarchical role.

Founded by Simon Hill and James King, the business is formed on the strong belief that innovation is the heartbeat of business and that employees are a rich and often under-valued source of potential innovation of high potential value to that business. It is also critical for businesses of all sizes to understand who their key innovators are and to ensure that they are rewarded and recognised for retention and nurturing.

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