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Kickstarter crowdfunding checklist. Planning for your Kickstarter roadmap, tips and advice

Summary They wanted to know how to succeed, So I created the PPLE Method. Many startup entrepreneurs were asking me about crowdfunding and if Kickstarter or Indiegogo was a good option.
Description Get my road map and guide here: Learn how to succeed. I went on a hunt. I spent days looking for a complete and detailed checklist. One that had exactly all the details. The items and tasks to be planned and done, to have the best possible success at getting a Kickstarter project funded. I couldn't find it. So I created it.

You get a ton of advice and tips on how to Plan, Prepare, Launch and Engage a Kickstarter or any other crowdfunding campaign. Not a "TOP 10" list, but 30+ pages of actionable information and good advice.

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