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passbrains Crowdsourced Software Testing

Summary Crowdsourcing has become a serious and powerful instrument for on-demand testing of software products covering most major devices, operating systems, web browsers and different language versions. PASS Technologies, a leading software testing services provider headquartered in Zurich and Mumbai, offers a unique and extremely competitive service model for managed crowdsourced testing-as-a-service of mobile, web and desktop applications. The basis for this new crowdtesting service is, a web based platform for an exclusive, global community of senior software professionals and testing experts, built and managed by PASS.
Description This video features managed crowdtesting services for mobile, web and desktop applications. professionally manages crowdsourced software testing projects and allows to dispatch test cases to hundreds or even thousands of qualified testers, using different hardware configurations and operating systems, covering most major geographical regions.

The passbrains process has proven to significantly improve testing effectiveness and accuracy, while reducing time to market and testing costs.

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